I started this blog in April 2009, as something to do, I had recently got into cooking and baking, in an attempt to lower my cholesterol. I’m not sure I would necessarily say that I am healthier now (I make too many muffins for that!) but now I know what I am eating. If I make a sauce I know how much salt or sugar or fat is in it, and I like that.

I spend a lot of my time online, and while looking for recipes I found this whole new section of the internet I never really knew existed. Food Blogs. I suddenly for the first time found myself using feed readers to keep up to date, and signing up for twitter (@coffeemuffins) to follow some of my biggest inspirational food bloggers.

Having a rather geeky side does mean that I have dabbled in blogging before, but I never really knew what to say. Having my family, colleagues and friends reading it I felt immense pressure to write something insightful, useful and interesting, and in the end I wrote nothing at all.

Originally this blog was anonymous, nobody (bar Matt) knew that I had a blog. Or why I was baking more, or why I had a strange obsession with taking photographs of food. Eventually being anonymous had it’s draw backs and Matt outed my blog on twitter. (With my permission – of course).

Outside the protective cocoon of being an almost-anonymous food blogger, I am Lauren Gemmell. A 31 year old with a full time software management job here in Edinburgh, Scotland. I have a beautiful husband, Matt, affectionally mentioned as The Other Half. Yes we did finally get married. You can see my blog post on our wedding here.

I hope you enjoy the posts here, always feel free to drop me a comment, with ideas to improve recipes, or other recipes you think I might like. I am always open to new ideas.

You can also email me at lauren(at)coffeemuffins(dot)com.