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Mother’s Day Homemade Gifts

To start off if you are in the UK – don’t panic! Mother’s Day has already been and gone for 2013. If you are based in the US and you haven’t got a gift yet – feel free to panic!

But I am here to help, if you are still looking for some last minute ideas for gifts. Here’s my top list:

A Camellia Plant, every couple of years my Mum would ask for a Camellia as a gift for Mother’s day. At the time I never got it, why would you want a plant? Games, make up, pair of shoes – that I could understand. However as I have started to grow a little older I have started to see the appeal.

I have one in my garden and it’s the first non-spring bulb plant to flower every year. That blast of high impact colour is so cheery, it makes me hugely happy!

Camellia Plant

I love that even when it’s really windy, which essentially rips the heads of the flowers, you end up with beautiful large pink petals covering the lawn.

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Scottish Tablet: The Perfect Gift

As you know Sunday is Father’s Day, I am always at a bit of a loss as to what to get my Dad. I am passed the time when I could get away with getting him a tie, pair of socks or some golfing equipment. So as usual I was thinking about what I would like to do, rather than the task in hand – finding the perfect present.

Father's Day Presents all wrapped up

Father's Day Presents all wrapped up

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Kopi Luwak

For those who follow me on twitter will know, it was recently my fiancĂ©’s 30th. I spent a lot of time trying to work out what that one special 30th present would be. A lot of friends and family suggested an expensive bottle of champage, however he hates champagne (I know, I don’t understand it either…). However I came up with the next best thing, at least for a coffee lover anyway, Kopi Luwak.

After we had tried it, I decided it would make a great blog post. So please welcome Matt, as my resident coffee lover, he can describe it better than I could…

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