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Celeriac Mash

This week posts may be few and far between, I am on holiday! No this isn’t a pre-recorded message, but I have found myself with enough free time to pull this recipe from my “To Be Blogged” pile.

Slow Cooked Pork Chops with Apple

Slow Cooking is back! After a few months in the back of the cupboard it is time for my slow cooker’s place back on the countertop once more. I only bought my slow-cooker towards the end of spring so I am still getting used to this new method of cooking.


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What to do with a Kohlrabi

It only took one Kohlrabi to turn me into a Kohlrabi fan, but one year on I finally have my second Kohlrabi.


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Scottish Mince Round or Pie Recipe

Note: If you are looking for a Mincemeat pie then you might be more interested in this Christmassy Cherry and Almond Mincemeat Pie Recipe.

While being Scottish and living my whole life in Scotland, I didn’t grow up on the traditional Scottish fare. My parents loved Indian curries, Italian Pizzas and Pastas and by the time I was getting into my teens Mexican. So it wasn’t until my all-to-brief holiday up north to Macduff that I truly appreciated the simplicity and satiating nature of a mince round.

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