Recently Matt and I spent an amazing long weekend in Amsterdam.

Part of it was undoubtedly being on holiday for the first time since Christmas, but I think there was also more to it.

You can’t really beat a weekend of sunshine…


enough museums to fill your culture quota for months… (btw is it wrong that I still really love these boots?)

Matt and Lauren at the Rijksmuseum

quality time…

Matt and I in Amsterdam

and great food.

Dutch Split Pea Soup
Dutch Split Pea Soup

Mexican Savoury Pancake
Mexican Savoury Pancake

Dutch Apple Pie
Dutch Apple Pie

However what makes a really good weekend a great weekend?


Thanks to everyone who made our Amsterdam trip so much fun. Here’s hoping we can do it again soon 🙂

  • That Apple Pie is HUUUGE!

    • To be honest Matt and I weren’t all that hungry when we ordered it. It was just as well we were sharing!