• Hi Lauren,
    Great recipe, the bacon and broccoli sound really good together. I didn’t know about the Oven Challenge -thanks now I do. Haha I liked your joke about the pizza toss, I would be to afraid to drop it.
    I have an award for you , please stop by to collect it:)
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  • Thank you Lauren for this lovely challenge!

  • Thanks Lauren – your instructions were incredibly detailed which was really helpful. I’ll make this recipe again – maybe with a pizza toss!
    .-= Sally’s last blog ..A great pizza dough recipe =-.

  • Thanks for setting this challenge Lauren, your comments were really helpful. I’ll definitely be making this again.

  • Andy W

    That’s a cool pizza base recipe – I’ve been refining my pizza technique over the last couple of months, but for the base I’ve just been using the basic bread recipe off the back of my Tesco yeast packet (with less salt and with added olive oil and honey). Gotta try this one next time and see if I can stop all my thin crust pizzas turning themselves into deep pan once they hit the oven 😉

    Incidentally, what type of mozzarella are you using? I’ve been using Tesco ball mozzarella, which is tasty but I find creates a small sea of brine in the middle of the pizza.

    • Hey Andy I just use tesco ball stuff too, I drain it quite a bit before putting it on the pizza – although I don’t know if that actually helps much! You really should give the pizza a shot though, it’s really good, although a bit hard to move around as it is so thin…

  • Andy W

    Hmm. Well, I’ll just have to cook (and eat!) a bit more pizza until I get it right 😉 Cheers for the recipe!

  • Thanks for hosting! I sometimes make pizza but never bother resting the dough. I think that stage made it lighter and crispier. I enjoyed it, even though yours is far more healthy than mine was: I couldn’t keep away from adding chorizo!
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  • Thanks again for hosting Lauren. Yours looks much healthier than mine. I just load mine up with bacon!
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  • Andy W

    Baked my first pizza to this recipe tonight – came out really well 🙂 the overnight rest makes the dough beautifully stretchy, and I managed to get a proper super thin crust without the holes that happen when I try to stretch my regular dough. Was cooking Sunday dinner for friends, so I tried for a roast-themed pizza: chicken, stuffing balls, roast peppers (and a pepperoni one on case that went wrong 😉 )

    Ta for the recipe 🙂