• That looks perfect, I bet it went very quickly as well! One of my first pies was a complete mess, the pie crust didn’t stay together so all of the filling oozed out and went everywhere!

    I much prefer British apple pies too, as I can’t handle too much sweetness, so I’ll take a slice of yours please 🙂

    Hungry Jenny x

  • That sounds really yummy. I agree that the American apple pie is usually too sweet. I either have to use Granny Smith Apples or cut some of the sugar to balance it out. Also, I love the fluted pie pan. Well done!

  • Also, in case you haven’t seen I gave you a Loveliest Blog Award at http://www.anniesdish.com/2010/11/whole-wheat-pumpkin-muffins.html

    • Thanks Annie! Wow, that means a lot! My first Loveliest blog award 🙂

  • Tart apple pie with ice cream….delicious. Love the leaves on the top.

  • Your British Apple Pie looks beautiful and delicious. I love your photos too, they make the pie look so pretty and ready to eat.