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  • So simple and delicious! I totally agree that they go great with ice cream! : )

  • I think it’s time for me to try mincemeat again. I haven’t tried it since i was little and I hated it, but reading all of the filling ingredients over again for your pie, it sounds delightful. So maybe it’s just one of those non-kid-friendly things?

  • Alta I think you might just be right! I don’t think Mince Pies are particularly child friendly especially if they taste too much of alcohol!

  • You make those look so good. Would it be ok if I make them before next Christmas?!

    • Zibi, hi to be honest this mincemeat didn’t last long in my household, so I am not quite sure how long it would keep for. However I don’t see any reason for it not to last as long as other mincemeat recipes, although I might use the more traditional brandy rather than Jack Daniels if I was going to keep it that long!

  • Steffi

    Hi, did you find that you needed the butter when you left the suet out or did it work well without it? Love the sound of this recipe, can’t wait to make them. They’re going to be a present for the mother-in-law to be 🙂 xx