• This braid absolutely looks cute and it’s great to see the bright purple color of cherries in the middle of a bread. Never tried cherries in bread. And thank you for giving the tip of making the braid on parchment paper.

  • This looks absolutely wonderful! I need to get myself a cherry pitter….

  • Braided breads with fruit fillings are very appealing, I wish I had a slice of yours for breakfast!

  • That, my dear, this a thing of beauty! If I only had the patience today…

  • Hi Lauren, What a great recipe! I am like you , love – love cherries. We’ve been eating cherries by the kilo since June & still seems like we can’t get enough. I love all your cherry recipes. Thanks for the links to the easy dough.

    Oh and nope I think there is now “lady like” way of eating cherries 🙂

  • Hiya Nancy, think you might be right, definitely no lady like way of eating cherries.

    Cathy – I don’t actually have a cherry pitter, I do it all painstakingly with a knife. I can’t bare the thought of buying any more one purpose utensils!

    Sommer – it is quite pretty 🙂 It’s not actually that difficult, unless you count all the time waiting for bread to rise! Once I start making something I just want it to be over as soon as possible, and ready to eat.

    Patty – it was very good for breakfast, and it actually kept quite well (not that there was an awful lot left for keeping)….

    Zerrin – you must try cherries in breads, they are amazing! Although I might like them even more in cakes 😉

  • Knmi

    I realize this is way overdue, but I’ve had great success with a paperclip in pitting cherries. Open it out flat, so the two loops are opposite each other in a kind of elongated S-curve and use the smaller of the loops to insert in the stem end. Stick it in far enough to get to the end of the pit, angle it a bit, and pull out the pit. It works pretty well in not mangling the cherry and you can’t argue with the price.

  • Lauren

    Could you even add more cherries to it If the bread could hold it it looks to me like it could use a bit more cherry’s.

    • Lauren, you could! 🙂