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  • If you have a Burns Supper next year, and you need someone to recite Tam O’ Shanter, and you make Cranachan ice cream, I could be available…

    • Ross- I think it is a certainty I will make this again, and would love to make it for you!! If you can do Tam O’ Shanter from memory then you are better than I. All I can remember is the first two verses of Willie Wastle, which is not exactly one of his better known poems!

  • What beautiful ice cream! I don’t know thati would brave the haggis either, but one only lives once. Perhaps, I might try it … and hope there was a delctable next course!

    • Hi Susan, thanks. Scottish desserts are almost always good and never healthy – so I think you could be certain of that 🙂

  • Joy

    Your ice cream looks lovely. I love the rasberry swirl.

  • This really is the perfect scoop. I just love your picture.


  • The ice cream looks so creamy, and I love the sound of this dessert. It sounds delicious combined with the oatmeal praline!

  • Nina

    Burns Supper sounds fun. Your ice cream desert is really “to die for.” Lovely pictures too. Thanks.