How can you improve your food blog?

The first step is to actually want to improve your blog, not just the content, or the photography, but the blog itself.

There are simple things you can do, like thinking more about the titles of your blog posts and improving your logo, to slightly more complicated ones like updating the entire look and feel of your blog.

However to know what you want to change you first have to Eat your own dog food. This quite simply means, use your own blog, when you use it the ways others will you will start to notice the problems.

  • Is it easy to read? Does the font hurt your eyes? Are there too many words per line?
  • Can you easily find posts you know you have written?
  • Does it look pretty? Does it look old fashioned?

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Next you need to understand your audience, who reads your blog?

From looking at my google analytics stats, I can see that a large percentage of those that read my blog come from search traffic. They are looking for a particular recipe.

However I also wanted to understand those who weren’t coming from direct search, who follows me on twitter, who reads my feed, etc. I did this by running a questionnaire on my blog, the surprising fact, a lot of people who read my blog – are food bloggers themselves!

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How do your readers use your blog?

The easiest way to do this is to use some free and easy to set up tools. I use google analytics and in particular in-page analytics to see which links people click on my website. From this you can easily see overlaid onto your blog where people click.

When I did this I saw that I had a huge number of different categories, but that almost none of them were clicked on a regular basis. I trimmed the categories and renamed them, to make the page cleaner and easier to use.

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