• Love this post and the little stocking are adorable! I’m bookmarking and might even pull out my rusty knitting needles to try it. I know that food-blog ennui very well, as you know, and you have hit a brilliant solution!

  • dan

    Very cool. They’re so tiny and detailed. We have a knitter in our house as well and we’re always grateful for the amazing creations.

    We’d gladly invite you and the other half for dinner and a knit night, however, Scotland is a bit far from Toronto 🙂


  • Hi Lauren

    I get that too sometimes, the exhaustion of constantly trying to think up fresh ideas for my food blog, and getting frustrated with trying to take good enough photos at this time of year in the poor light! That’s so cool that you can knit, those stockings are so cute! Look forward to getting to know a more-rounded Lauren!

    Merry Christmas!

    Hungry Jenny x

  • I am not a knitter but my mom is knitting a vintage christmas stocking pattern and she has a question that I hope someone out there who knits can answer. I hope that I am explaining this correctly. She is doing a stockinette stitch and she knits across and pearls back. Is this considered one row or two? Thanks in advance.

    • I have only been knitting for a short time, so it is possible that I am wrong but I believe that is 2 rows. When it says work 8 rows, you work 4 knit rows and 4 purl rows.

      However it is possible that I read that completely wrong. xx

  • How fantasic! I am just getting into knitting too, but I guess with christmas a whole 11 months away, I have plenty of time to practice…

    I’m sure I can have a few of these for my tree next year, maybe more if I ‘work my socks’ off 😉 … (I’m sorry) …