• Another great yoghurt use recipe. It looks really nice with the glaze running down the cake. I have lighting problems too, I only get good natural for a limited time of day and now with Autumn and Winter coming forget it, I will have virtually no natural light to shoot with:(

  • I know what you mean about pictures and lighting. By the time I get home and make dinner, it’s so dark that my pictures are a bit lacking. I think your yogurt cake looks fantastic!

  • RavieNomNoms

    Great photo and recipe!

  • With three kids and bad lighting, it’s a miracle if anything gets photographed well at my house! Still looks delicious!

    • I find that surprising Laura, cause your photos are always so beautiful!

      I think I am going to look to see what I can do about lighting this year, see if it getting better lights in my house or a special flash, or something would help.