• Such a beautiful cake, gorgeous photo, thanks for sharing the recipe!

  • I love cakes with Total Greek yoghurt too. The cakes are very moist and very delicious. Love your plum cake….mmmm

  • yum! it looks amazing!
    i have yogurt just waiting to turn into this cake!! 🙂

  • this looks great and i’m intrigued by the idea of a yoghurt cake!

    • @Tonya – Yoghurt in a cake does seem a bit strange but it does seem to give the cake some great qualities. It always seems moist and it keeps really well! You should definitely try it!

  • I love how pretty this cake is, with that swirl of plum slices on top! Yogurt cakes are one of my favourites too, since the yogurt adds so much moisture without adding too much fat… I’ve never done one with plums before, but I’ll definitely have to try sometime now that I’ve seen yours!

  • What a beautiful, summery cake! I love yogurt cakes as well, along with buttermilk cakes. Lovely pictures, and congrats on the Foodbuzz top 9!!

  • You made a beautiful cake and it sounds delicious. Congrats on foodbuzz top 9!!!

  • looks amazing,i love the youghurt cake!

  • Wow! Now that’s a beautiful cake with fresh fruit. I could that close-up photo of the plums in the batter. Just edible!

  • What a beautiful Top 9 post. A lovely, simple summer recipe and very pretty photos. Yumm.

  • Congratulations on the Foodbuzz top 9, #1! That’s great, and so is the cake recipe. I love baking with yogurt for the lower calories and for the creamy and moist texture it gives baked goods. I love the photos too.

  • Wow… beautiful photos…. absolutely delicious! Great to find your blog!

  • What a showstopper! I just love the swirl of the plums and the dome of the cake crust – just gorgeous! A very well deserved Top 9, congratulations!

  • Beautiful cake! Yogurt and sour cream make cakes so much better. I just want to cut a slice off right now and eat it!

  • Hi Lauren – You’ve got me stuck on whether I like the photos or the recipe better… They both look incredibly great!

  • Totally gorgeous photo!! That looks awesome.

  • Moo

    This looks beautiful. You give the recipe in cups – I’m happy to convert but do you already have the recipe in grams?? Gorgeous. Thanks!