• great recipe very nicely presented….that egg has a beautiful colour!!

  • I’m glad you tried kedgeree out! A boiled egg can get one out of many a tight corner ;P Kedge was one of my really popular recipes surprisingly, some friends of mine decided to have a “kedge off” which is like a dance off or walk-off (see: Zoolander), hehe. The judging categories were things like: fragrance: 1. Like the waft of summer breeze when you have an onion in your breast pocket and 2. The evil stink of unwashed socks…
    Chef Dennis is right too, yours looks very pretty!

    • Thanks Sasa, a “kedge off” sounds like a lot of fun! I love Zoolander btw 😉

      Chef Dennis, thanks for your lovely comments – appreciated!

  • Great recipe to you both! Don’t feel bad , boiling an egg -especially as perfect as yours – is intimidating for a lot of people.

  • “What is this!? A centre for ANTS!?” ;P