• I’ve been sharing my life mostly on facebook, youtube, and blog and I actually find it quite rewarding. As a consequence, business and traffic is slowly creeping up. People can spot authenticity and they are intrigued. I have pretty much paused most activity on twitter because I am sick of the spam. In other words… I totally agree!

    • Hi Jon, nice to hear from you. I find what you said about using facebook and youtube interesting, as I hadn’t really thought about using them. While I am not sure I’m quite ready to put videos up, trying facebook could be worthwhile! Thanks

  • Hi

    I’ve also been thinking about joining Facebook (finally!), not a personal account but one for Hungry Jenny – but not for the purpose of just trying to ‘promote’ my blog, but just to keep the interactions and stuff food related and to find new foodie friends etc.

    I use Twitter to find interesting food people to follow and to find new blogs to read. I have a feed set up to automatically tweet when I have a new post but I do try to tweet regularly too. I find it quite hard though because I’m not always online so there are periods where I’m just logging on to do a blog post and not finding time to do more ‘social’ things online if that makes sense.

    Hungry Jenny x

  • I agree anyone who is ignoring the social bit in social media is getting it wrong. Its fine to automate some stuff e.g. new blog posts but you have to interact as well to make the most of it. And the different media are good for different things. Even the big brands who get it right are interacting with people not just churning stuff out. Perhaps from a big news service low interaction is fine but from bloggers and small or medium businesses the best results are by interacting. And like any kind of socialising/networking it takes time. But its a great way to talk to people with similar interests, and if you are a business and you do it right you can win work through it too.
    Good post 🙂