• Hi, I have to admit that your title instantly intrigued me:) These are two of my favorite foods , just never had them together. But they sounds so good! I think I will give these a go. Great recipe!

  • It is nice to meet you Lauren! It looks like we like the same kind of foods- I am NOT a baker though, so it will be nice to watch you experiment! For some reason I lost the comment button on Foodbuzz after the friend accept- my apologies. Congradulations on the 100th post!

  • hi lauren: thanks for visiting my site! wanted to say that your beetroot and chocolate chip muffins look amazing! would never have thought of putting the 2 together. happy weekend!

  • I think this recipe is amazing… I can’t wait to try it. I have a whole bunch of beets at home that I have been struggling with, and this sounds like the perfect way to put those beets to use. Anytime you add chocolate, I am in! Thanks for the great idea.

    • @Emily – this recipe is amazing, I really hope you do try it. I always struggle a little with beetroot, as I have so few recipes that include them. But I am working on it!

      @Tomato – you are welcome, love your blog! Beets and Chocolate is quite a strange combination, but a lovely one, well worth a try.

      @Katja – Nice to meet you too! I don’t think of myself as much of a baker either – hence why I like Muffins so much, hard to get wrong, although definitely possible! Thanks!

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  • I refferenced you on my blog http://busybakewells.blogspot.com/ after I made these (with a twist) they are lovely!

  • Hi – used this recipe for inspiration last night and made some really delicious Beetroot Poppyseed and Lime Muffins. Linked to your post in mine. Hope that’s OK.

    • Makey-Cakey, of course it is! Your muffins look amazing 🙂