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Roasted Vegetables

Vegetables ready for the oven

On a Sunday I like to roast some vegetables for dinner, I always roast too many so they can be used in other recipes during the week. Especially for week nights where if I did start to roast a vegetable, dinner would be after 8 o’clock.

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Beetroot Curry

Beetroot Curry

Getting a fairly regular supply of fresh beetroot is one of the best things about my organic vegetable delivery. Beets are wonderfully versatile, I’ve used them in salads, in muffins and in soups – but making a curry from them is the ultimate for me.

When people normally talk about comfort food, they usually talk about typically national dishes, macaroni and cheese, bangers and mash etc. But when things aren’t quite working out for me it’s not the british or scottish dishes that I usually turn to – it’s the Indian.

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Beetroot and Choc Chip Muffins

Usually when I feel compelled to eat my baked goods it is because they taste good. While this is also true for these Beetroot Muffins, there is also a more sinister reason.

Beetrax, the Beetroot Muffin

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