• i adore beetroot, unfortunately the only one in the house that does.

    Will be making this for sure on lonely night in!

    • Scott, In my house it’s more the lack of meat in the recipe than the beetroot that’s the problem!

  • Hey Laura, this is my kind of dish. I adore beets, and almost anything curry or fragrant with spice is fine with me! Looks really delicious and healthy…

  • Wow…beetroot in curry! This is the first time I heard of beetroot curry 🙂 Great idea. I normally use them in salad and soup. Will try this out..thanks for sharing :))

  • This is new to me but the colour looks amazing. I love curry so this will go down well for me. I would love to try. Beet root is very good for health.

  • I have never seen beetroot curry – very imaginative! I love the deep vibrant colour the beets give the curry. I just might try this!

  • Wow, this beet dish with curry sounds and looks delicious…love the color of it!

  • This is also new to me, but sounds good! I love trying new foods:)

  • I’d take comfort in a big bowl of this curry too! I have a ready supply of beets in my farm box, too, so this is going on my list to make. (btw, I made your fish with pesto again this week – it’s a quick lifesaver)

  • yummo!

  • This sounds great, what about using the beet greens instead of the spinach? I get beets in my veggie box with beautiful fresh greens attached and your recipe could be perfect to use the beets, greens included.

    • Patty, I never get beet greens with my beets but it sounds like a great idea. Would love to try it!

  • I love beets… what a great idea! Curry af all kinds rocks our house too:)

  • Hello Lauren…this is my first time on your blog.
    Your Beets got my attention…because…it is very rare that I even touch them…due to how my fingers become.
    This usually always happened before I was expected to meet a client the next day!!! Hence, they no longer pass my counter.
    For now, I leave the reddish job to my retired mommy-in-law ;o) She loves the stuff. Now, all I have to do is convince my very Italian MIL to use curry!!!
    Thanks for sharing your recipe, Claudia

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