• I don’t usually like doughnuts but these look divine! I can’t get onto Cinnamon Spice’s website at the moment but intrigued to find out how you make these so have this bookmarked 🙂

    Is the texture more cake-like then? The texture is mostly what puts me off ‘normal’ doughnuts.

    Hungry Jenny x

  • The texture is quite cake like, more so than a normal doughnut. It’s really good – I am actually thinking about buying a mini muffin tin so I can make more of these but bite sized – because then they would be perfect!

  • these look so good, checking out your blog while I have my coffee this morning is making me wish I had one of those delicious looking muffins….sigh
    You really do a great job in your presentation of your blog…..I love it!!

  • I made these same muffins, they are truly delicious! Great pictures!

  • Vegetable Matter

    Our refrigerator has been out of commission for about a week. We’re waiting for a part and we’re about out of patience. For dinner, we cook from the garden so it’s been ok. But breakfast has been really difficult, especially for the kids. These would be great to make for them to eat in the morning. I bet they’d be really good toasted first. Thanks for the idea!

  • I like recipes that yield 8-12 treats and this is perfect. I love doughnuts and muffins and these look and sound so good!

  • I’ll bet your colleagues immediately became fans of your site after sinking their teeth into these little treats!

  • Lauren, these look absolutely delicious. I prefer to bake than to cook and I will definitely be making these. Thank you for sharing this from Cinnamon Spice.

  • Going “public” is a big step, and you picked a great recipe to seal the deal – I’ll bet they flew off the plate at work! I think I’d need jam on mine too. Yum!!

  • Thanks for sharing this…healthy and delicious at the same time 🙂

  • sarah

    wow these look delicious and are such a healthier option than a donut, goona have to make these with my neice